Yipalli Dongui Bogam Series

Yipalli Dongui Bogam

Ancient Chinese Medical Encyclopedia : Use of Cannabis for treatment.

History of Cannabis use in Ancient Chinese Medicine.

Dongui Bogam translated in English and Korean by Yipalli 281 Media.

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Yipalli Dongui Bogam

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Translating Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Cannabis as a Herb

Tracing Cannabis use in Chinese Medicine.

Historical Use of Cannabis

Cannabis used in medical treatment and industrial use as animal feed. From root to flower find out the different use.

Yipalli Dongui Bogam CannaToon Series

Monthly Episode of Yipalli Dongui Bogam CannaToon Series!  Ancient Chinese Medicine and Cannabis, a world forgotten, revived for healing and wisdom.

Malaria symptom treatment with Cannabis Powder!

학질을 물리칠 칸나비스 가루!

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Episode 1.1- Malaria & Cannabis​

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A village in Ancient Asia uses the power of cannabis to ward off the deadly monster known as ‘Malaria’.

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