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Episode 1.1- Malaria & Cannabis

281 Donguibogam

Si-jin Lee, who has made great achievements in the history of traditional Chinese medicine, documented the treatment of malaria using the leaves of cannabis has been in his book of Herbal Medicine.

Episode 1.1- 말라리아와 칸나비스​

281 동의보감

중국의 전통 의학사에 큰 업적을 남긴 이시진 그의 저서 본초강목을 통해 칸나비스의 잎을 활용한 말라리아 치료법을 전하고 있다.  



2020 a tumultuous time with Covid-19…

2020 Covid -19 으로 모두가 바이러스에 조심할


How did people cope with the epidemic in Asia in the past?

과거 아시아 사람들은 어떻게 전염병을 대처 했을까?


An epidemic drove many people to death. The epidemic was caused by ‘malaria’,  a disease that was transmitted by mosquitoes and pests.

많은 사람들을 죽음으로 몰고간 대표적인 전염병 ‘학질’

과거 모기나 해충에 의해 전염이 되었던 학질은 오늘날의 말라리아 라는 이름으로도 유명하다. 


(CH-Original Book)
Curing malaria: hemp leaves, regardless of the rise and fall, sauté slowly in the pot with civil and military fire, and cover it with paper to make sweating out, as the end. Use tea or wine before sending out. Move the patient’s original sleeping place, It looks like drunk, wake up and heal.

The Chinese Medical Book “Comendium of Materia Medica” (<<본초강목>>/本草群目) Li Shizhen (李时珍)

(CH-Original Book)
治瘧不止︰火麻葉, 不問榮枯, 鍋內文武火慢炒香, 𢷑, 以紙蓋之, 令出汗盡, 爲末. 臨發前用茶或酒下. 移病人原睡處, 其狀如醉, 醒卽愈. 

The Chinese Medical Book “Comendium of Materia Medica” (<<본초강목>>/本草綱目) Li Shizhen (李時珍)



281 Donguibogam unearths the use and utilization of cannabis in Ancient Chinese Medicine. Transcribed for modern use.

281 동의보감에서는 아시아 전통 의학 문헌에서

칸나비스의 사용과 활용을 발굴해 현대 언어로 전달한다!

The use of cannabis leaves found in the book of Ancient Chinese Medicine!

칸나비스 잎을 통해 전염병을 치료한 동양 의학의 지혜!

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On the next episode-

Episode 1.2 – 제조법 (Recipe)

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The first modernized Chinese Medical Encyclopedia providing techniques and knowledge of Cannabis use. Translated and Produced by Yipalli 281 Media.

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A village in Ancient Asia uses the power of cannabis to ward off the deadly monster known as ‘Malaria’.

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