Asian Cannabis

A Guide to the World of Ancient Cannabis.

Cannabis has been used in herbal medicine in Ancient China.  A plant with many healing properties has been historically recorded in Dongui Bogam.


Yipalli 281 Media Translations

Chinese Medical Encylopedia

Intro to Yipalli Dongui Bogam

Yipalli 281 Media collected and translated medical documents and encyclopedia from Ancient Asia. An accumulation of knowledge spanning 2000 years.

One of the well documented use of herb in the collection was surprisingly, Cannabis. Yipalli 281 Media would like to reconnect the East and West with this ancient herb. Techniques and breakdown of the plant has been translated by Yipalli 281 Media Translation Team. 

Ancient Medical Knowledge from three nations: China, Korea, and Japan. The customs and wisdom of natural herbs has been passed down and still being use in Asia.  

Well documented use of Cannabis in Ancient Chinese Medicine.

The use of Cannabis for treatment of various ailment including Malaria.

Cannabis was also used as feed for livestock.

Cannabis was grounded into powder to mix with different beverages such as tea and alcohol.

Cannabis seed to flower was all used throughout Ancient Asia for both Humans and Livestock. 

Yipalli 281 Media Dogui Bogam

The first modernized Chinese Medical Encyclopedia providing techniques and knowledge of Cannabis use. Translated and Produced by Yipalli 281 Media.

Malaria symptom treatment with Cannabis Powder!

학질을 물리칠 칸나비스 가루!

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Episode 1.1- Malaria & Cannabis​

Breaking Stigma through Education

281 Media provides Cannabis education, information, reviews for the Asian Community. By creating content in English, Korean, and Japanese, our goal was to make it easily accessible. We want to break the stigma surrounding Cannabis for both Medical and Recreational use globally.
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A village in Ancient Asia uses the power of cannabis to ward off the deadly monster known as ‘Malaria’.

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