Yipalli Monthly Harvest Report

November 11 2020 Strain Hunting

Trending Brands for the month of November. Yipalli 281 Media visited several dispensaries in LA and OC to find the strain of the month and best deals. 3 Types of Report provided. 

3 Nugs of Knowledge

Highlighting top 3 trending global cannabis news. 

Monthly Harvest Report

Yipalli California Trend Report. Showcasing Top-Shelf strains and Brands.

Grinding News Finding Seeds

Finding the unexpected in your favorite Cannabis Brand.

Yipalli 281 Media Global Service

Our gallery

Global Cannabis News


Trending strains from California.

Global Regulation

Providing global advocacy for legalization. Updates on Global Cannabis Law and Regulation. Import and Excport.

Market Analysis

Global Market Research.Trends, Research and Development, New Product.

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Monthly Harvest Report