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Medical Cannabis in Morocco? ​

Morocco joins the international cannabis trade, opening doors for medical cannabis next week.  A new shift will bring economic opportunity to a land that has been experiencing inequality. 

Yipalli Cannabis Strain Diary​ : January

281 Strain Diary E-Book

Yipalli Cannabis journey finding Top Shelf and Exotic Cannabis strains.

Yipalli bringing you trending Cannabis Brands and Product Launches in Southern California.

281 Dongui Bogam E-Book Banner

Free E-Book : 281 Dongui Bogam

281 Donguibogam Free E-Book 

A village in Ancient Asia uses the power of cannabis to ward off the deadly monster known as ‘Malaria’.

Download or Read the English Version Online for Free.

281 Dongui Bogam Korean E-Book Banner

말라리아를 물리친 칸나비스의 힘! (한국어/Korean)​​

281 동의보감이 제공하는 무료 E-Book 서비스

옛날 옛날 어느 아시아의 한 시골 마을에서 전해지는 칸나비스의 지혜!

칸나비스의 힘으로 무시무시한 말라리아를 물리친 동양 전통 이야기.

온라인 책을 281 홈페이지에서 무료 다운로드 혹은 감상할 수 있습니다.

USDA publishes final rule for HEMP production in the United States.​

Importers looking to the USA for Hemp will have to wait for the exportation to be addressed as it has been overlooked with the lack of interest of yet.

With the acceptable THC percentage raised to 1%, countries will now have to consider whether to raise the acceptable amount if interested in importing and exporting hemp.

Mexico steps toward Cannabis legalization. ​

Patients with Medical Cannabis prescriptions will be allowed to grow their own in Mexico. Multiple agencies will help outline regulations allowing permits for more research and pharmaceutical development.